Few investments have made as much lasting wealth as real estate but very few investors possess the expertise to learn how to discover the top deals. An investment team can help bridge that gap for the average investor and solve some of today’s most vexing problems. If you have an itch to get involved in the real estate scene, the best way to learn how to start a real estate investment group is by taking a class in real estate school. A real estate school will teach you all you need to know about the business and you’ll be well on your way to making a profitable real estate career.

How Does a Real Estate Investment Group Work?

Real estate investment groups work in two ways: passive income generation and fundraising. Passive income generation occurs when your group rents out properties it owns, sells it at a profit, and then uses any equity capital for future investments. Equity will always be needed for building projects and rental income. By planning ahead and diversifying your investments, you’ll never be short on cash.

Leveraging Equity Investments

One of the best strategies for passive income generation is leveraging your equity investments. Equity investments come with a number of risks. It’s possible that your real estate investments lose value. This is why many smart investors focus on long-term capital gains strategies, like wholesaling real estate. Fundraising strategies, which typically take longer to implement, provide passive income if your group sells the property for more than you paid.

Skills You Need to Start a Real Estate Investment Group

Investing in real estate can also require creativity; a developer must have a keen sense of the market and a keen sense of what tenants are looking for. In order to get a tenant interested in a particular piece of real estate, the developer must know how to appeal to the tenant. This requires research and negotiating skills. As the owner of a group renting properties, you are the developer and thus hold the power. However, to stay motivated and keep tenants interested in investing with your group, you must engage in activities that emphasize your strong suits.

Investment Clubs For Your Real Estate Investment Group

Another strategy for passive income generation is investment clubs. These clubs have many advantages over traditional investment strategies. Through these clubs, investors share the profits from their successful rentals. If one of your investors develops a lemon, other investors will buy it and make a profit. The benefits of this type of group ownership are that there are no legal hassles; you don’t need an attorney, accountant or leasing attorney.


There are a number of ways to start a real estate investment group. Investing in real estate is risky business, even if you do wholesale real estate investing. It requires developing relationships, developing strategies and attracting capital. You can make all these things happen if you join forces with other investors. You can earn profits by sharing the profits and through the processes of crowdfunding; you can also attract investors and develop strategies.