In 2019, representatives of West Greenville SC announced that the Historic Woodside Mill, 500,000 thousand square feet in total, would become a 307-unit luxury apartment building. There are so many things offered, including high ceilings, large floor plans, new appliances, a dog park, a pool pavilion, and plenty of parking for its residents. It is said that these apartments were available for lease starting at the end of 2020 and the building was predicted to be done right about now!

Luxury living in Greenville SC has become very popular in the last few years. Home buyers love the convenience and benefits of luxury living, especially in luxury condos. When you have made the decision to look into luxury living, a luxury condo should be at the top of your list and here is why!

You Pay For the Maintenance You Get

From a maintenance perspective, they are usually a more affordable investment. It can be difficult to maintain your yard and exterior maintenance, especially for older couples. Luxury condo owners won’t have to do this work.

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Luxury Condos Have the Best Amenities

Several luxury condominiums offer a range of elegant facilities that make life less complicated for residents. Many include amenities such as well-maintained entertainment areas and swimming pools, saunas, or restaurants. A luxury condo means everything you need is at your fingertips whenever you need it.

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Beautiful Landscaping is Taken Care Of

A luxury condo’s landscaping is beautiful and the owner doesn’t even have to move a muscle to appreciate the beautiful surrounding grounds and gardens. This is because the condo association fees pay for things such as landscaping and upkeep of amenities. This is great for homebuyers who are interested in having a presentable condo but do not have the time to make it that way.

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There are Plenty Of Security Options

There are many safety and security features available, including alarm systems, surveillance cameras, security personnel, and high-tech security equipment. This is to ensure the residents’ safety at all costs.

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Technological Innovations are Available

Luxurious condos are often equipped with the latest technological innovations, including remote-controlled amenities and touch button conveniences. These are just more ways that luxury condos provide easy living for its resident.

It Can Simplify Your Life

A luxury condo is a great way to simplify your life and have fewer possessions, especially for empty nesters, due to its smaller size and the amenities offered. The maintenance, landscaping, and other amenities saves residents from having to take extra time and money to do take care of those things.

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They are Convenient

Condo owners who own luxury condos in urban areas often have the option of walking to many restaurants, bars, and hotspots nearby. Many luxury condos are in downtown areas which are great for those who work in the area or like to indulge in the downtown nightlife.

Neighbors are Always Nearby

These environments can create a positive social atmosphere with great neighbors, especially empty nesters. All your neighbors are nearby and often share your interests. This is a huge benefit for homeowners who like to be social and spend time with those that live nearby.

Owning a Luxury Condo is a Status Symbol

After working hard for so many years, it makes sense to want to live in the most luxurious and comfortable home possible. Living in a luxury condo is something you can show off to your family and friends by hosting a dinner party or barbecue. Your loved ones can truly see your hard work in person and also enjoy the amenities with you!

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A Luxury Condo is a Great Long-Term Investment

Finally, those who are still unsure about the benefits of buying a luxury condo need to remember that investments in real estate with high net worth, such as luxury condos, tend to appreciate over time and can be a worthwhile long-term real estate investment.